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Recently I updated the “chalice” featured in my essay, “Practicing Conscious Time-Binding.” You may view the updated chalice by clicking here.

Where are the critical thinkers? Is there no one with enough courage to suggest that a statement referring to the constitutional rights of a group, and a statement about the wisdom of that group making a decision based on those rights, is not “being inconsistent, flip flopping, back tracking”, etc., as I have heard on […]

The abstractions below could be seen-labelled “crazy thinking, far out, a stretch” and so on. But in my opinion, doing that would be invalidating the fields of  psychoanalysis and psychology…implying that they were irrelevant to advancing our understanding of human behavior. It would be  denying the general semantics premise proposing relationship between language, attitude, behaviour, etc. And also […]

                                                  Corporate Dictatorship?           As trusts or groups have replaced the theoretically ‘individual’ capitalism in the United States of America, so will the state capitalism, replace the trusts, to be replaced in its turn by international capitalism. Science And Sanity, Page 272   As we learned lately, not only human achievements, but also human disasters, are mostly  interrelated and […]

I invite you to do some time-binding and improve the proposal below.  Design the “financial reform laws” to include the following: “It’s illegal to institute or activate  any new or amended ‘instruments’ created by a registered ‘financial institution’ before submitting such new or amended instrument to regulatory committees for review and approval.

Thinking comes  natural for us but clear thinking, thinking from higher viewpoints, remembering the bigger picture, and the longer cycle usually do not come to us naturally. Improving our thinking skills will help us improve our day to day interactions, minimize stressfull encounters,  and create more satisfying personal and professional relationships. One  very effective way  to practice […]

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I have recently updated my essay titled “Developing a Self a General Semantics Way.” Click here to read the recently updated essay.

More of a good thing does not mean better.  Capitalism built America. But more and more unregulated capitalistic activity could destroy America. What do you think?

I have put online two different writings: a poem titled “Festina Lente” and an essay titled “Much Ado about Nothing.”  I hope you’ll give them a read.  Both can be found in my Formal Essays & Handouts section, and come in online-readable and .pdf formats.

I have an essay of mine published in the new issue of ETC: A Review of General Semantics. It is titled “Thoughts on Space, Time, Awareness, and Difference2008.”  You can read it by clicking here.