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Please note that my new essay titled “No One Saw It Coming?: Korzybski’s Concerns, Predictions, and Time-Binding Suggestions” is available in my Formal Papers & Essays section, under the heading “Science & Technology.” You can also immediately read the essay by clicking here.

Where are the critical thinkers? Is there no one with enough courage to suggest that a statement referring to the constitutional rights of a group, and a statement about the wisdom of that group making a decision based on those rights, is not “being inconsistent, flip flopping, back tracking”, etc., as I have heard on […]

I invite you to do some time-binding and improve the proposal below.  Design the “financial reform laws” to include the following: “It’s illegal to institute or activate  any new or amended ‘instruments’ created by a registered ‘financial institution’ before submitting such new or amended instrument to regulatory committees for review and approval.