General Semantics Advanced Thinking
A System-Discipline Concerned with the Sanity of the Race & the Individual

A t-shirt I designed featuring a portrait of Alfred Korzybski on the front and my “chalice” handout on the back titled “Practicing Conscious Time-Binding” made an appearance at Zuccotti Park in Lower Manhattan at the Occupy Wall Street movement. Ben Hauck appears in the photos wearing the shirt. The portrait on the front is by […]

I listened to some of the ‘debate’ re. “Don’t ask, don’t tell”. A representative “Susan Collins” commented “We welcome the service of these individuals who want to serve their country……”. I am wondering: Would it not make a big difference in terms of support for dropping this rule if just one word was changed in […]

The abstractions below could be seen-labelled “crazy thinking, far out, a stretch” and so on. But in my opinion, doing that would be invalidating the fields of  psychoanalysis and psychology…implying that they were irrelevant to advancing our understanding of human behavior. It would be  denying the general semantics premise proposing relationship between language, attitude, behaviour, etc. And also […]

More of a good thing does not mean better.  Capitalism built America. But more and more unregulated capitalistic activity could destroy America. What do you think?