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New Essay: Consciousness of Abstracting: A Master Principle
Posted: 11.17.2016 | Categories: General Semantics, Writings

I recently added to my website my new essay “Consciousness of Abstracting: A Master Principle.”

Here is a sample:

We can think of consciousness of abstracting as not only the master principle in Korzybski’s general semantics, but also a master principle of principles. This master principle provides us with one of the most important psycho-logical tools we have for human development, improvement, and progress in any field of endeavor or activity. As a tool, consciousness of abstracting is a label for a self-conscious self-reflexive activity–something we can do, and know we are doing. This involves using one instance of conscious awareness to modify, evaluate, critique, refine, another instance, and its contents (an experience, an idea, a thought, a feeling, a belief, etc.) along specified general semantics psycho-logical boundaries.

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