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New Essay: In Pursuit of the Ideal of Personal Excellence through Conscious Times-Binding
Posted: 04.10.2016 | Categories: General Semantics, Writings

I invite you to read my new essay titled “In Pursuit of the Ideal of Personal Excellence through Conscious Times-Binding.”

Here is a sample:

Pursuing the ideal of personal excellence is not about being a perfectionist; is not a goal to be reached, a project to prove anything to anyone, or unnecessarily stressing oneself through impatience, or behaving like a robot. As I imagine it: The pursuit involves a personal resolve to do whatever we are doing the best we can, in the moment…with a non-allness openness to the possibility of better ways of doing. To achieve better ways, we have to be concerned — not only with the outer effects of our doing…We also have to be concerned with “how we are doing” and   take “a non-elementalistic, extensional, conscious times-binding, heuristic self-improving approach”: So we “Do what we do to discover what we are doing…to learn about what we are doing…so we can learn from what we are doing…how to do better what we are doing”. This approach also applies to our living which we can think of as ‘something’ we are constantly doing…and with a heuristic times-binding approach, there is an added benefit…There is no failure…we recognize opportunities to keep on learning how to do better.

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