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New Essay: Structuring the Notion “Space-Time”: A General Semantics Conscious Times-binding Approach
Posted: 12.01.2014 | Categories: General Semantics, Writings

I invite you to read my new essay titled “Structuring the Notion ‘Space-Time’: A General Semantics Conscious Times-binding Approach.”

Here is a sample:

The terms “past”, “present”, and “future” can be thought of as convenient, but grossly inaccurate ‘measurements’: semiotic maps; labels representing imprecise , but nevertheless potent verbal mapping of events. Our human journey–one continuous trek—has no observable boundaries, no seams, where-when we would all agree that “Past stops here. Present begins here.” “Future—not yet here.” Specific events have passed, but if we do not elementalistically separate events from their effects, we will recognize that the so-called “past” has not all passed: What we now call “the present” are mainly the effects of innumerable ‘passed’ (earlier) events.

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